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April 2012

(or why you really DON'T want a DJ)

There is simply nothing like great live music at weddings!

There is a vast qualitative difference to live music. We all know that. Why else would you go see your favorite artists perform at Red Rocks, when you own all their albums? The answer: Because of the energy. It’s exciting. It’s spine-tingling. It’s happening in “real time.” It’s fun.

These are the very same reasons people opt for live music at weddings! Let’s face it, playing recordings of your favorite songs just isn’t the same as having a great cover band perform them live. A great live band is 100% mesmerizing. And no other wedding can say they had the music performance your wedding had.

Consider your ceremony as well. Imagine the strains of Bach or Vivaldi being performed live, floating through the trees at your ceremony site. There really is nothing like it. You know it. All your guests realize it. They feel like they are being treated to an amazing experience. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find a reception band like Raising Cain whose musicians have also studied classical music and can perform your ceremony as well.

The thing is, I’m not only a wedding service provider. I’m also a recent wedding client myself. My wife and I got married five years ago. We had to stretch a little bit to have live music all day long, but it was the BEST decision we ever made. To this day, our friends remark how our wedding remains the best one they’ve ever attended. And they cite the music as the biggest factor! We had great music happening every second of the day – for the ceremony, the cocktail hour, and the reception. It was a feast for the ears.

Remember, the best weddings are multi-sensory experiences. They should look beautiful, taste beautiful, and SOUND beautiful. Most people focus too much on their guests’ gourmet palettes, but they forget that their ears deserve a feast, too.

Raising Cain, with our subgroup The Adagio Strings, wants this for you. We want your guests to rave for years about your wedding, because of the incredible live music you had. You only get married once! It’s not a time to cut corners and make bargain-basement choices. The truth is, people remember the music from a wedding much more than the food, flowers, or anything else. I’ve talked to thousands of wedding couples in my life and I can tell you this: You’ll probably look back with regret on your wedding day, if you make the decision to save a few dollars by having a DJ play recorded music all day. It just doesn’t come close to live music. We don’t want you to have regrets.

It’s your wedding. Make it extraordinary, with live music.

- Mike Marsh

November 2011


Well, after countless hours of coding and tweaking, and moving away from the eventually-to-be-defunct Apple "MobileMe" service and iWeb application, Raising Cain's new website is live!  At first glance, the changes may appear subtle, but everything has been totally re-created under the hood.

You'll notice some new pages, one being this Blog.  However, Raising Cain is really excited to branch out into a sub-specialty, namely "The Eighties Nation."  Lots of Raising Cain's repertoire is already 80's, and it's a hot commodity.  Raising Cain's 80's show is guaranteed to blow you away with the sound, quality and faithfulness to the original songs, WITHOUT the use of pre-recorded "canned" music.

Another new page is "Offsite Reviews."  This is where people have taken the time to review Raising Cain on public sites other than this one. Raising Cain is extremely proud of the work it does, and the band is eternally grateful to its gracious clients.  See what the reviewers have to say!

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